Billu Barber Music Review

January 22, 2009

Priyadarshan movies are always looked at with a lot of expectation, and this one is much bigger. Shahrukh Khan the Baadshah of Bollywood is acting in it and has produced it. But interestingly, the Khan has only a special appearance here, with Irfan Khan being the protagonist. The music is by Pritam, and lyrics by Gulzar and Sayeed Quadri. The movie has seven songs with all getting a remixed version in the album. Let’s analyze if the songs live up to the hype the movie has created.


Marjaani has a South Indian flavour and the starting sounds like a typical Rajinikanth intro song. An item song which is very energetic with ample use of Punjabi words rendered by Sukhwinder Singh and Anushka. Interestingly, the remix version of this song is sung by a different female singer, Sunidhi Chauhan. But the song looks too ordinary and nothing is special to carry this to the top of the charts. The remix version is also average.

Love Mere Hit Hit

Love Mere Hit Hit is supposed to be a nonsense song and it is quite successful at that. The lyrics are quite cheesy as expected but the music is quite catchy. Again an item song with Shahrukh and Deepika shaking their legs -this one is quite clearly sung by Neeraj Sridhar and Tulsi Kumar. The song is decent enough for a second listen and with the visuals it could appeal to a larger crowd. The remix is more rapid but the instrumental usage is quite jarring.

Ae Aa O

A rock song which seems to be an intro song for Shahrukh. But does the starting of the song borrow so much from the tunes of its Tamil counterpart? But soon it goes on a different route. K.K., Rana Mazumder, Suraj rock with their vocals, but Pritam leaves a lot to be desired. From now on any rock song will obviously be compared to Rock On and this does not meet the expectations, but none the less it’s a decent track which can become a good hit with rock fans and obviously Shahrukh’s fans. And the less said about the remixed version the better, Pritam, please work on this front.

Kudhaya Khair

Kudhaya Khair is a family song picturized with Irfan khan and his family. A lovely melody and one of the best song of this album. The vocals by Soham Chakrabarthy, Akritti Kakkar & Monali Thakur are lively, which is needed for such a song. The beats and the instrumental usage is quite cleverly done and so is the chorus usage and the symphonic orchestra type music in the middle piece which elevates the song quite well. Overall a cute song which has potential to become a big hit and if the movie does succeed Khudaya Khair would clearly be on top of the charts for quite some time. The reprise version is also good.

You get me rocking and reeling

‘You get me rocking and reeling’ starts off with a hip hop song which is just an English version of Khudaya khair but sung by Neeraj Shridhar alone. It’s quite good but a small feeling of the music over powering the song can be sensed. Still a good listen.

The remixed version is too loud and the need for a remixed version of this already hip hop song will always remain a mystery.

Billu Bayankar

Billu Bayankar sung by Ajay Jhingran, Kalpana is a hilarious song sung by the villagers praising Billu. The song will be enjoyed by everyone if they can understand the wacky lyrics. The music complements the overall feel of the song and after hearing this we just can’t wait to see the picturization of this song which, under Priyadarshan’s direction, would be a crackling watch.

Jaoon kahan

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s ‘Jaoon kahan’ is a melancholic rendition and quite clearly the pick of the album. The song picturized with Irfan Khan is a sure shot hit. Pritam’s music does not try anything jazzy which is quite needed for such a song.


Overall the music is just about average with a couple of good numbers. The music can become a good hit if the movie hits the bull’s eye -like any other Priyadarshan’s movie. But a sense of deja-vu while hearing the song tormented me and similarities to the Tamil version of this movie was quite striking. Coincidence? Not really!


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