Silambattam Music Review

October 24, 2008

Produced by Lakshmi Movie Makers. Directed by cinematographer Saravanan, with Mathi handling the camera. Starring Simbhu( Silambarasan), Sneha, Sana Khan (debut) Nirosha, Prabhu Ganesan ,Santhanam and others.

Silambarasan is supposed to be essaying two roles-that of an innocent priest and a perky youngster. Yuvan Shankar Raja has done the honors as far as music is concerned, tuning 5 songs for the movie. Coming soon after Aegan, Yuvan fans are eagerly waiting to see what he has served up this time. A couple of songs are being shot in Kandy, Sri Lanka- probably duets.

Machan Machan—
Vocals: Ilayaraja, Bela Shende

A sweet ditty set probably in Kiravani scale, it has a nice flowing rhythm to it. Very fine use of strings right through. There is a nice lilt to ‘vecchu—’. Ilayaraja surprisingly sounds a trifle flat. Bela is good. The final flourish where the keys, violin, and guitar blend, is so airy.

Vocals: Silambarasan, Earl, Suzie Q

Ho,ho, we have a dizzy cocktail of western stuff with heavy, raucous native drums mixing with an L.R.Easwari type of song!! A truly creative piece from Yuvan, never mind the nonsensical lyrics and the bad articulation. Violin and nagaswaram literally play second fiddle to the rhythms. And the last one minute of native drums is a real hoot!

Thamizh Enral Naan
Vocals: Shankar Mahadevan

Looks like the ‘entry’ song of Silambarasan. It is a song tailor-made for Shankar Mahadevan and he revels! Look how well the voice and nagaswaram blend in the beginning! A robust use of complex native beats marks this song, especially the beats behind the female chorus’ ‘olavai’ singing. Not an original tune, sadly! And isn’t this type of song already beaten to death, still to be heard?

Vocals: Silambarasan, Suchitra

Supposed to be a remix of an old Ilayaraja number,( Nallavanukku Nallavan) this song is racy and breathless! But the ‘saving grace comes from fine sax and guitar inputs. Especially when the guitar flutters ‘pa ma pa ma pa ma’. Silambarasan needs urgent training in Tamil pronunciation. Appears to be based on Kalyani raga.

Where is the Party—
Vocals: Mukesh, Priyadarshini

You have got to hand it to Yuvan! This very funny song has been put together in a highly original way by him. Of course the tune reminds one of an old Pushpavanam Kuppuswamy number. Plenty of synthesized sounds. The trumpet –like sounds and the strident beats add a mischievous ‘military march’ like feel to this very youth-oriented number. And isn’t that keyboard that just glides in a big swoop from the top to the bottom most note three minutes into the song? Mukesh adds a lot of color to the rendition. Could be a rage.


This album, right from the beats to the lyrics, seems to be a Silambarasan-centric one, so to speak. When you hear it for the first time, you do get a little disappointed. Then you take heart and relish the fun aspects scattered around. One only wishes the choreographer does not bury them under jerky epileptic( read vulgar) movements


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