Review: ‘You don’t mess with the Zohan’

September 20, 2008

Adam Sandler’s latest, ‘You don’t mess with the Zohan’, which released all over this Friday, failed to woo the audience with its tasteless and typical attempt at comedy.

The film’s director Dugan and star comedian, Sandler, have attempted to make the film as full of meaning as possible, but the socio-political angles that have been highlighted in the story, appear bland. And the boring script coupled with Sandler’s regular antics, gives you almost no reason to laugh.

The story revolves around Zohan (Sandler), who is an Israeli secret agent and has an undisclosed desire to become a hairstylist. The conflict in the Middle East has become passé for him, and his alter-ego, just plain boring. But as Zohan gets tired of the unremitting hate and violence, he fakes his own death and escapes to New York where he pursues his dream of hairstyling, or as he puts it – ‘making everyone silky and smooth’.

He then starts to throw in some wild sex with haircuts and soon lines are forming around the block. But his American dream soon falls into trouble because some Palestinian terrorists get after him.

Now, the Phantom (John Turturro) unintentionally comes to Zohan’s rescue, when a battle ensues allowing Zohan to fake his own death. Zohan now assumes the role of Coco (hairstylist extraordinaire) in New York, working for a Palestinian hairdresser, Dalia. Dalia and Coco eventually reveal gentleness for each other.

Not even a single scene in the film gives you a reason to cheer. Judd Apatow, Robert Smigel and Adam Sandler have come up with a script that rarely produces a real laughable moment.

Beyond a point, the jokes get repetitive and the story gets annoying. The only reason you could watch this one is for Sandler, who is charming despite his oversized crotch.

Two cheers for ‘Zohan’!


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